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"Ofullbordade Skärvor" (Unfinished Shards)

In my works, I want to visualize stories from life, question norms and values ​​through frozen moments that lie in a borderland between the authentic and the theatrical. It is about how we handle situations, meetings, conflicts, emotions, both unfamiliar and familiar. By portraying a parallel world, I can explore the dramaturgy of human behavior and her living space, both with and without her participation. The stories have no clear beginning and no clear end, but are rather a fragment of an event, torn from any person's life.

Human relations

Much of my work revolves around the relationship between people.

Role : Male?

This is an ongoing project, an investigation into the concept of masculinity and what is expected of a man and father nowadays.

Strong women

In this project, I have investigated the ideals and body standards that in different ways influence us to want to be someone we are not.

Women in the Bible

Hur framställs kvinnan i bibeln? Grafiska tryck tryckta på sidor ur bibeln.

Some other...